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CAFM - Computer Aided Facilities Management

The merging of graphical information and data into a relational database such as Archibus.  This can include many different types of information i.e. space, lease, work order, assets (furniture, equipment, personnel etc.) as well as telecommunications and preventative maintenance. This data can then be tied into your intranet for multi-user access or printing report


Field Verification and Computer Aided Facilities Management

The general definition of Field Verification is the documenting of current conditions as they exist in the real world. Hartman Consulting can do this for you. We will visit your facilities and document the information that you need. We then deliver it to you in a usable format so that you can use the information to improve your business. Now, if you need to know .., you have it right at your fingertips.

By creating AutoCAD Drawings ON SITE we can reduce turn around time up to 50% thus improving accuracy and detail. This delivers high quality cost effective AutoCAD documentation and eliminates confusing field notes.

Levels of detail can include: building shell, site plan, cubicles, furniture, machinery, voice/data, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, ceiling, work flow. We can also provide digital photos for additional detail.